SunTek Premium Paint Protection Films - Toronto PPF

About SunTek's line of PPF Films

SunTek is widely regarded as one of the top paint protection film brands on the market. They have 5 films for vehicle protection: PPF Ultra, PPF C, PPF C, PPF CAP, PPF Matte Ultra, and PPF Matte. All of these films carry a thickness of 8.0 mils. All of their proprietary films feature a top coat as well, improving your baseline protection. The standard topcoat assist with repelling water and dirt, as well as cracking that occurs on cheaper films. All films are polyurethane based, and offer an outstanding level of optical clarity.  

Ultra is the top of the line film offered by SunTek. It features an unmatched 10 year warranty. It is argued that SunTek has the top gloss rating out of all PPF films. The SunTek Ultra comes standard with a high quality top coat that carries similar properties to a nanocoating, including dirty and water repelancy, also know as hydrophobic properties. This top coat also helps prevent the film from yellowing and deteriorating over time. Also, the standard 8 mil thickness of the film offers unparalleled  protection and durability against stone chips. One of the most beneficial properties of the SunTek Ultra film is the Self Healing properties. Essentially, if this film is scratched or swirled by improper washes, or light impacts, it can be repaired by simply heating the film. In this process, the film essentially reflows itself, filling the gap that is a “scratch. Heat can be provided by the sun, engine heat, heat gun, or hot water.  

Looking for a completely different look? SunTek's matte line is for you! Offering the same protective qualities as the Ultra Films, but with a satin finish. This product alters the original look of your paint by giving it a tasteful semi-gloss look. This is ideal for those who enjoy the current colour of their vehicle, and want to give it a unique look while protecting it. It is a great alternative to those who do not want to go the route of doing a full colour change vinyl wrap. This product line provides a 5 year warranty.  

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Caring for Paint Protection Film

Our high end paint protection films can be treated the same way you treat paint. Paint protection film should only be washed with automotive soaps. Washing paint protection film with dish soap will deteriorate the protective topcoat. If these detergents must be used, ensure protection is reapplied. This protection is there to ensure that the film does not yellow over time. Never wash your vehicle with a brush. This will dull and damage the film, as brushing is highly abrasive. Most high end paint protection films have self healing abilities, but within reason. Do not use acids on paint protection films. 

Paint protection film can be waxed. It is important to use a product that is not carnuaba based, as it may yellow the film. Synthetic waxes or sealants are recommended. Look for products that are polymer based. We recommend using a spray detailer after washing in order to maintain the top coat of your paint protection film. High end paint protection film can also be polished in a similar fashion to paint. This should only be done as a last resort, or near the end of the lifespan of the PPF.  

Note: it is extremely important to not wash fresh paint protection film for the first 3-5 days. This will ensure proper bonding of the film.