Xpel Ultimate Plus

Ultimate Protection

 Simply put,  Xpel offers the best paint protection film on the market. They are industry leaders in the PPF market, offering the highest quality polyurethane materials. The film is extremely durable, and resist stone chips, swirl marks, scratches, chemicals etc. Their latest product Xpel Ultimate is currently the industry leading product, and the go to material of professional installers world wide.

Industry Leaders

You have purchased a new vehicle, and are looking for the best protection on the market. Ceramic coatings are wonderful, but do not protect you against stone chips, and deep scratches. You want to be able to enjoy your vehicle without worrying about damaging the aesthetics via wear and tear. Your search is over ; invest in Xpel Paint Protection Film! 

Warranty you can trust

 Xpel Ultimate has many benefits over traditional materials. They offer a 10 year standard warranty on the film. Xpel states: Xpel Ultimate Plus also comes with a full 10-year warranty against yellowing, discoloration, peeling, cracking and hazing. If it fails, we’ll replace it—labor included. With a warranty offering like this, it is clear that this company truly stands behind their product! 

About Xpel Paint Protection Film


Self Healing Film

This film is self healing, using EPT (elastomeric polymer technology) . They are products that are solids, with rubber like properties (elastometers). This means that if any swirls or light-medium scratches are inflicted on the surface, they can heal themselves with either the heat of the sun, warm water, or a heat gun. What this means for the client is that you will not have to replace your film frequently once it gets tarnished. In fact, the rate of deterioration is exponentially reduced with this and other technologies in the film. 


Zero Orange Peel

Another huge benefit to Xpel Ultimate Plus is the zero orange peel effect it has. In the past with other materials, customers had to compromise between showing their paints true beauty, and protecting it. The professionals at Xpel have solved this. Traditional films give a slight texture appearance, hindering the gloss and aesthetics of your vehicle. Xpel Ultimate gives you seamless protection; you wont be able to see where the film starts and the paint ends! 


New Top Coat Technology

Furthermore, another benefit of using Xpel Ultimate Plus film is their newest topcoat techology which protects the film. Old school films yellow, fade, and scar after as little as 1 year of use. This is not the case with Xpel. The film retains its gloss for years with this special clearcoat technology, and protects against environmental contamination. Bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, can be easily removed with a microfiber towel, where as with a normal paint surface, would require thorough decontamination or even polishing! 


Top Tier Adhesive

Even the adhesive on the new Xpel Ultimate Film has been engineered to exceed consumer needs. It is very workable, meaning it does not wrinkle, or show stretch marks like traditional film. It is guaranteed not to lift from edges once cured. 


Film Breakdown

Technical breakdown of the film: The base of the film is a Polyester Release Liner, which is 3 mils in thickness. Above that, is the acrylic adhesive layer, measuring  in at 1.1 mils. Above that is the main portion of your protection; 6.0 mils of polyurethane. Lastly, the “Top Coat” or “Clear Coat”, measuring in at 0.5 mils, giving you the slick finish as well as chemical resistance properties.